There’s a paradigm shift toward autonomous driving, and BMW is one of the leading brands driving toward this future.  While BMW is still a few years from introducing a fully autonomous vehicle, the brand’s best engineers have toiled ceaselessly to integrate autonomous driving incrementally and the new 5 Series is the latest showcase for all of their successes.

The new 5 Series sports an upgraded Series Remote Parking Feature which parks your 5 Series automatically once you arrive in the vicinity, after the ParkNow service helps you find the perfect available spot.

Thanks to the additional suite of driver aids in the new 5 Series, the driver can remove hands from the steering and the vehicle will automatically accelerate, brake to a standstill, accelerate into motion, switch lanes and even maneuver you out of danger in the case of a possible collision.  The Lane Departure Warning is also upgraded, and a new system will inform you about the posted speed limits and such.

The newly updated Adaptive Driving Mode continually tunes the steering, gearing, throttle and suspension to suit your preference and the current driving conditions.  It will also analyze the route ahead to predict the ride quality and prepare for the upcoming intersections, curves and turns if you pair it up with the optional Professional Navigation System.

The new 5 Series will also share weather and traffic concerns with any other similarly-equipped BMW models on the road, which is clearly a first step to a more robust car-to-car communication and response system.